Six Months Industrial Training in Java

Java can be used to develop Web Applications, Desktop Applications, Mobile Applications. Java is used develop programs for various embedded systems and even Gaming consoles. Also android developers has selected Java as standard for developing Android Applications.

Industries using java:

Java is Platform independent object oriented programming language and its main feature is write
one run anywhere. Java is used for developing all types of cross platform applications. Java is used for
developing Mobile, Desktop, web, server side and dynamic web applications.
These top level companies demand professionals to java developer their ambitious projects online and
reward them with superb packages and good career growth.

Java is used in every major industry segment and has a presence in a wide range of devices, computers, and networks. Java platform is available in laptops to data centers, game consoles to scientific supercomputers, cell phones to the Internet. Java can run anywhere, whether it is high end server, a small palm top or a mobile etc . You can write
software on one platform and run it on virtually any other platform .This is possible through the Java
runtime environment which understands the byte code of Java. Java code is the simplest and easiest
technology to develop and maintain due to its well written format and easily recognizable blocks
Reusability is another wonderful aspect of Java. Java developers feel Java as the beautiful language ever
identified. Acme finishing school offers Six Months Industrial Training to B tech and MCA Students in the
Java Technology. The main objective of our Java Industrial Training program is to provide the IT
graduates with practical exposure to Java.

Java Technology Curriculum:

Core Java
1. Getting Started
1.1. About Java
1.2. History
1.3. Versions
1.4. PATH environment variables
2. OOP Concepts
2.1. Object
2.2. Class
2.3. Inheritance
2.4. Interface
2.5. Package
3. Basics
3.1. variables
3.2. arrays
3.3. operators
3.4. Expressions
3.5. Statements
3.6. Blocks
3.7. Control Flow
4. Classes
4.1. Declare classes
4.2. member variables
4.3. methods
4.4. constructors
4.5. return statements
4.6. controlling access
4.7. Inner classes
4.8. local classes
4.9. anonymous classes
4.10. lambdas
5. Objects
5.1. creating
5.2. using
6. Interfaces
6.1. defining
6.2. implementing
6.3. using
6.4. evolving
6.5. default methods
7. Inheritance
7.1. multiple inheritance
7.2. polymorphism
7.3. hiding fields
7.4. final classes, methods
7.5. abstract classes, methods

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Industrial Training In Java